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Point of Sale (POS)



Protecting POS Environments from Sophisticated Attacks


Every day, millions of pounds disappear from POS (Point of Sales) terminals in retail stores. This can be through cash theft from terminals by employees, fraudulent refunds by customers and employees and a lack of understanding or non-compliance with company processes.


Epos exception reporting can identify behaviours such as theft, non-compliance and abuse of company systems. Analysis of Epos Exception reports can quickly identify abnormal levels of activity in a variety of transaction types.


Some of these transaction types include Refund, Voids, Price Overrides and other non-tender transactions.


Large queues are off putting for customers. Good customer service is imperative for customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty. Multiple queues can be measured within the same scene and the data can be stored along with the video for review at a later date.



Retail Traffic Analysis



Improve the Customer Experience with Retail Analytics


Through real time or retrospective analysis of your customer shopping habits you can actually see and explore factual events to provide insight regarding space layout and design.


This is business intelligence at it’s best, allowing Loss Prevention to become the ultimate Marketing executive. Retailers are re-examining everything from customer behaviour and experience, staff ratios and the ability to re-design store layout. Retail Intelligence is at the heart of the decision making process.


We are currently working with national retailers with our partners Morphean and Axis to generate valuable data on metrics including footfall, conversion rates and queueing patterns through the use of Retail Analytics, helping them make informed decisions around store layout and staffing schedules.


OnDis SmartShelf



Real Time Monitoring of Stock Movements with Sophisticated Alerts


OnDis is a range of products that specifically aid sales and loss prevention by generating a “Call to Action” message for the end user.


Via the software platform, retailers can also help to achieve greater efficiencies by enabling real-time stock count information and detailed trend analysis.


Devices can detect movement of selected products and whether doors are opened or left open on display units such as fridges or safes. Alerts can be sent to users through Pager notifications or via App through integration with CCTV systems.


All devices have been designed to be retro-fitted and can be made bespoke to fit in with an existing retail scheme in terms of colour and size.



Customer Demographics


Know Who Your Customers Are


What if you could classify the customers entered your store by demographic, at what times different people enter, which areas of the store they frequent and who engages with your in-store promotions?


Using CCTV for Facial Marketing offers you this invaluable and previously unknown information for your store.


 The application can be used to evaluate the success of marketing and advertising campaigns, providing information that can be used when making decisions on which campaigns to feature on specific days of the week or times of the day.


Our Customer Demographic solutions do not store images or video – only anonymous statistical data is stored, resulting in a solution that is GDPR compliant.



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