Intelligent Video Applications




Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) has become an essential part of our daily lives, whether to act as a deterrent to prospective criminals, to providing comfort to employees whilst they are in a workplace, generating data to analyse customer traffic and activity or to simply provide the evidence following criminal activity.


It is therefore imperative that the system is installed and maintained effectively in order to meet the objectives and produce results.


As technology develops it is crucial that a reputable business moves with it. Here at Dual-Stream we have extensive knowledge and experience of analogue, digital and IP CCTV Systems.


We actively monitor developments in the market and work closely with our suppliers to ensure our clients can benefit from the latest technology available.


The Dual-Stream portfolio extends to all corners of the CCTV market, which results in us being able to deliver the “Right Solution” to meet the requirements of any CCTV project.



Perimeter Protection



Detect intruders with cutting edge Video Analytics


Identifying threats to an organisations’ premises before critical infrastructure, business continuity or even employees’ lives are compromised is critical.


Traditional reactive CCTV monitoring is slowly being replaced by proactive detection systems, capable of delivering full situational awareness in emergency situations.


High risk premises can be protected using a variety of advanced detection solutions and imaging and video analytics can be used to determine the nature of an intruder and increase the effectiveness of perimeter security systems.


We have significant experience in delivering high-end iLids approved perimeter protection systems using accurate video analytics applications such as Digital Barriers' SafeZone Edge.



Thermal Imaging



Seeing the Unseen


All objects with a temperature above absolute zero emit some degree of thermal radiation. This kind of radiation, which is not visible to the human eye, can be detected by thermal sensors.


Thermal camera sensors remain unaffected by darkness or fickle weather conditions such as rain, fog, or snow. These cameras make a great platform on which to build more efficient 24/7 surveillance systems.


Thermal imaging is critical in open and expansive areas like borders, coastlines, and forests. They are quite at home in applications such as perimeter patrol, ports and harbours, critical infrastructure, processing and manufacturing plants.


Facial Recognition



 Identify known offenders with the latest technology


Biometric facial recognition technology will accurately process many faces concurrently via a range of network cameras. Organisations are deploying facial recognition systems to identify known offenders or to register suspects and have the ability to automatically compare the images with watch lists in order that the appropriate action can be promptly taken.


Beside capturing and comparing images of suspects for applications in airports, banks, casinos, retail and law enforcement, facial recognition systems can also be deployed to identify customer gender, age range and demographics, allowing retailers to profile their customer base, providing the capability to deliver relevant advertisements in a targeted manner. Biometric facial recognition can also be used as a secure form of access-control, reducing the risk of lost or stolen I.D. cards being misused.



Licence Plate Recognition



 Bespoke automated vehicle management solutions


LPR is an alert system, which allows clients to monitor vehicle activity at their premises by capturing and recording registration numbers which are displayed as those vehicles enter and leave.


Approaching vehicles are captured in a snapshot which is stored on file. Cutting edge software means many systems can scan and read thousands of plates an hour where required.


Camera systems can also be linked to car barriers, automatic gates and bollards to help you improve the general security.



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