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Scalable access control for single or multi-site systems


Access Control is traditionally the main method of controlling access to buildings or access to certain areas within a building. Whether you require basic in/out control of one door or management of 1000’s of doors across multiple sites, it is key to ensuring you have a system that is fit for purpose.


Our systems can be used as a management tool for building managers with systems capable of delivering time & attendance information, smart card management, event reporting and integration with CCTV to provide visual clarification. Access Control could also be used to control access to secure storage areas of stock.


There are various methods to control access to your building including card readers, PIN pads, biometric readers and video door entry solutions. Through our knowledge of our partners products, including Axis Communications and Paxton we can provide an Access Control solution to meet any requirement.


Access Control





Use unique characteristics to authorise access


Biometric security devices measure unique characteristics of a person such as finger prints or facial features.


A key advantage of biometric technology when compared to more traditional solutions, is that it is directly linked to an individual user and therefore not easily compromised through theft or misuse.


Most biometric systems are easy to use – people do not need to remember passwords, PIN numbers or carry access control fobs. If very high security is needed, it is possible to use different biometric technologies in combination or alongside a more traditional system.


Technology provided by partners such as HIK Vision allow us to provide a cutting edge biometric solution to meet your needs.




Effectively prevent tailgating with 3d sensors


Tailgating (also known as piggybacking) is a common problem for premises that have controlled access systems. Tailgating is often described as the passage of unauthorised personnel, either forced or accidental, where an unauthorised person enters an access point without following the normal entry process.


The Tailgate Detector, TDflex™, is an award winning anti-tailgating solution that ensures only authorised people enter a secure area by adding an additional security layer to existing access control systems.


The TDflex can be utilised with the following access points:


  • Doors
  • Airlocks
  • Mantraps
  • E-Gates
  • Turnstiles
  • Access Points without doors.

Based on 3D MLI Sensor™ technology, the Tailgate Detector works with access control systems by intercepting the signal emitted from the ID reader and determining whether the access point is open or closed. The sensor then establishes whether or not a single individual is attempting access and, in the event of dual or unauthorized access, can trigger an alarm or prevent the access point from opening.


Cloud Hosted Access Control


Remote secure surveillance of your premises


By providing hosted access control as a service, our solution frees administration and IT resources for the customers’ core business. It overcomes the expensive costs of local hardware and maintenance of servers and makes access management easy.


Solutions are scalable to meet evolving requirements and administration can be carried out remotely across multiple sites. We work with enterprise level safe and secure data centres to make sure privacy and security are of the highest standard.



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