Our Philosophy and Core Purpose



Align Design Deliver




Truly understand our customers business, their security needs, objectives and priorities.




A system strategy & architecture – that delivers core systems and integrates new innovation and SMART technology that fits with the customers overall business goals.




The right solutions, excellent customer service, seamless & efficient delivery.




Driven by a mind-set of efficiency – cost, operational and system.


Expertise in technology, innovation – delivered by people who take pride in what they deliver for customers.


Through our core values and continuous improvement initiatives we strive for excellence in reputation and to 'Be the Best’




Our Approach



An Extension of your Business


With our partner approach we aim to become an extension of our clients business, operating more like an internal department than an external supplier. We understand that every business is different and requires a specific service from their provider. To achieve this, our highly experienced team has a strong focus on design and specification of the electronic security systems. Their attention to detail means we can deliver the highest level of assistance that meets the objectives that have been identified.


With national UK coverage, specialising in multi-site commercial estates, offering a range of Electronic Security products including CCTV, Access Control Systems, Retail Traffic Analysis, Licence Plate Recognition and OnDis SmartShelf. We work closely with our suppliers and partners who we consider to be the best in their own individual fields, in order to help us maintain the highest quality of customer service to benefit your needs.


Our People



Our Most Valuable Asset


We consider our people to be our most valuable asset. Our people define our service and our brand. All of our people have been specifically selected for their roles as being experts in their field with the desire to promote themselves and our company in the best possible light to our clients.


We encourage our people to express themselves in their roles and continuously strive for improvement so they can grow and develop in their careers and be strong exponents of the Dual-Stream way.


We are committed to ensuring that our team members are of the highest quality and have the vision and drive to become the best. To support this ambition we are committed to investing in the training required to equip our people with the necessary skills so that we achieve our collective goals.






An Extension of your Business


To be recognised as a member of an official regulatory body is essential to any reputable business, therefore we are committed to being accredited to a number of designated bodies within our industry .


This demonstrates our commitment to operate with good practices and promotes quality of service that these regulatory bodies demand from their members.


We will continue to improve and develop our processes and audit schedules to ensure that we maintain our status with each of the regulatory bodies that we are members of.


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